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"There's a fine art to growling. Most men will never get a real growl off in their entire pathetic lives... a real growl starts deep in the chest and rumbles up. If you growl when you've got someone pressed against you, they should be able to feel it. Feeling the way it rumbles is part of a growl -- but if you're really good at it you can get 'em from across the room, just by hearing it."
-- Diebin, Every Noisy Inch




l Friday, May 23, 2003
Back on the 15th June 2002, I started keeping this weblog.

As I approach the 1st anniversary of my time blogging, I find it's time for me to move on.

I'm not abandoning this artform completely, I'm just moving to a new location. The wonderful Diana is hosting me, and you'll find me now at


http://lazarus.mimoza-mak.net, for those of you who were wondering.

My time here has been good to me. I've managed to become the second hit on a Google search for Smurfette... the only thing that beats me there is a cartoon where Smurfette flashes her knickers at us. I guess that's just hard to beat. It will be interesting to see if the Google searches follow me on my move.

So, farewell, Blogspot... hello, Lazarus!

:: Smurfette blogged for peace @ 3:56 PM [x] ::

l Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Zapping through for half an hour...

Trying to catch up on LJ friends pages, and Molly has written a fic and I don't have time to read it *sob* Will be spending much time when I get home catching up with all the fic and posts, but right now, as I come to you LIVE from Global Gossip on Elizabeth Street, Melbourne? So not the time. Even if it's Logan!Angst *sob*

Have seen Matrix and X-Men 2 (and guess who forgot to take tissues into the latter, despite being spoiled to death?). Still Rogue's bitch, and wish I could afford to see them both again today... I probably could, but time may be an issue and... yeah. Was planning on it, but that's not going to happen now.

Everyone should be proud of me... I went into Borders and only bough one book. Granted, it was a $35 book, but it was only one book!! The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath was cheaper than a single volume of Pablo Neruda. Someone should tell people to print him cheaply *sigh*

Forgot my Angus & Robertson vouchers again. Not happy.

Have piles of notes to make into Blog entries, but running out of time. Will try and make a long-arse update when I get home. Am logged into AIM, but don't have my buddy list and no one's IM'ing me. Miss you all.

Saw BtVS season six in JB Hi-Fi... it was surreal when I saw AtS season 3 for the first time and realised that this was a Joss Wheadon product I had no intention of buying, but to see DVD box sets with my girl on the front and knowing that hell would freeze over before I bought them? It's wrong. What's worse, is that this feeling of wrongness is almost making me want to buy them simply because it's BtVS and how can I not and it might make this feeling of being a Bad Fangirl go away.

I told myself that I wouldn't post this until I got home, but given the topic above, I think I can get away with it. On Friday evening, when I arrived with Mum and H at my aunt and uncle's house, we were sitting around their kitchen table discussing TV shows. I love my family. Really I do.

As I talked about what happened at the end of DS9 despite never watching those episodes (BtVS was up against it... I have my priorities!!), as I correct everyone on the minute of BtVS (well, duh), the current (five years behind the USA) Days of Our Lives plotline, and so on, my aunt wanted to know how I know so much about so many TV shows without getting them all confused.

"Obsessive," I reply.

"The internet," my mother corrects.

Mum starts saying how annoying it is when I continually call Charmed on their BtVS rip-offs, like the episode the other night when they're trapped in their dreams and they all start happening and trying to kill them. "They changed just enough to not have to call it Restless Part 2!" I exclaim.

My 17-year-old cousin (who gets Andrew, Jonathan and Warren muddled in her mind and didn't know the name of "the blond guy living with Buffy at the moment") looks at me in disbelief, her mouth dropping to the floor. "You know the episode's names?!" she says in shock, "That's sick! You're crazy!!" (my mother says that she's been saying this for 21 years).

At this point, I decide it might be prudent to refrain from mentioning the mailing lists, websites, fanfiction...

:: Smurfette blogged for peace @ 12:44 PM [x] ::

l Friday, May 16, 2003
Okay. I'm likely to be murdered if Mum or Dad get back early, but needed to post one last time.

I'm leaving at 3pm for Melbourne, and I won't be back until next Wednesday. Of course, Mum and Dad are going to Echuca for Mum's 40th birthday, so I get the house to myself (well, with H) next weekend. So I'll catch up with everyone then.

Heh. Having fun with digital camera and PSP. I need to dye my hair purple. I really think I can pull it off. Do you think it will prejudice anyone against me in job interviews? <innocent>

Anyway. We're leaving here in a few hours, and then my plans are, in no particular order as I don't know when I'm going to meet up with Cat:

  • Go to Readings to see X-Men 2 (at last!!!!).

  • Lizzie's 21st -- definitely Saturday evening.

  • Cat in city.

  • Find some time to go to Global Gossip Internet Café.

  • JB-Hi Fi. Will try not to spend money I don't have.

  • Chadstone. Shopping. Drool. Will try not to spend money I don't have.

  • Matrix: Reloaded.

  • Borders. Will try not to spend money I don't have.

  • $50 Angus & Robertson Bookworld gift voucher.

  • Feeling Fruity.

  • New shoes. Will try not to spend money I don't have.

Whilst I have the note to "not spend money I don't have" a lot there, I do have to make sure I get some things. I need shoes. Desperately. My knee-highs need some relief, and I think I'll try and get some Mary Jane-style shoes with heels. I need to get some more of my Peach and Mango body gel from The Body Shop. I need to get some more of my opaque black tights I live in over winter from K-Mart.

Plus, y'know, lots of Melbourne-made lattés. Mmmmmm. Good coffee. Mmmmmm.

Is it a sign of an unhealthy obsession when one is watching the ABC advertising New Dimensions with George Negus, following bushfire victims, using Sarah Mclachlan's Full of Grace in the background, and being caught between squee-ing over the ABC's continual use of Sarah (they used Plenty at one stage, too) and screaming that they can't use that, it makes you cry and it's Buffy's song and she's just sent Angel to hell and it's depressing and they CAN'T USE THAT SONG!!!!

I think it might be a sign of unhealthy obsession, yes.

:: Smurfette blogged for peace @ 12:40 PM [x] ::

l Thursday, May 15, 2003

It's back, and it's usable, and it has more RAM, and I can (finally) use my digital camera on it, and it's going to cost me $250. And that's with the "friends-paying-stockist-rates" discount.

But it's worth it. Because I have my P.O.S. computer back <huggles computer>

It's a Very Good Thing that the computer did go to the Computer Repairs Man, because the fan that was stuffing up was working at less than 40% capacity and it was the ultra-important fan, too (I can understand software easy, it's the hardware that's beyond me). So I have a new fan, plus an extra fan at the front of the computer. It's noisier than it was, but it's worth it.

But yeah. The reason my computer sounded like it was going to explode? Pretty much because it was, if I'd left it too much longer. Putting the computer in saved me from a fiery Smurfy!BBQ death.

I've decided that all those dreams of marrying a lawyer or a doctor? Don't need them. What I do need is to marry a computer repair man. Will come in much more handy.

I realised yesterday that we're leaving for Melbourne Friday afternoon. Friday evening is The Glass House. I realised that I need to remember to set the VCR or else I would be very unimpressed with myself. I also realised that I better check that Diana is going to tape it just in case my VCR stuffs up.

Have new pictures of Jasper to put on Blog. Will have proper Cat!Cam up on Lazarus when I move. Yay me! Still deciding whether or not to take the Droolage archives over to Diana's webspace or to leave be.

Mmmmm. Dean Cain droolage.

Heh. The computer wanted to convert "Mmmmm" into a numbered list. Ookay, Mr. Einstein-help-guy, you're slightly less annoying than Clippit, but not much. You're only here because you're cute at times (and drink coffee). Don't blow it all by being totally annoying.

Have made Jennem's icons for her... she's going to kill me, because she has 12 to choose from <evil laugter> Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! </evil laugter>

Of course, I deleted my Buffy!Rant icon the other day, to try and upload one of my B/A "Thanks, Joss... you came through/now don't frell it up" icons, but LJ wouldn't let me. Then it wouldn't let me go back to my rant one. I don't think LJ liked me. I'm still wrestling with it, so if I use one of them with this post? You know I finally won. Won, not one, Smurfs <sigh>

Must remember to get that international cheque made up so I can pay for LJ whilst the US dollar is still comparatively weak. I'm not sure if I should be getting it done now, and cursing if it hits 70 US cents to the Aussie dollar, or wait and curse when it doesn't.

Must also attempt to make Diana a Vaughn/Sark icon as thanks for hosting. Somehow. Someway. It must be done.

I watched the second part of that fantastic Hollywood, Inc program yesterday evening. The previous week, the best line was from Bryan Singer.

"You can please some people some of the time, but you can never please everyone on the internet."

Especially when one is talking about internet fandoms, as he was.

There wasn't any outstanding quotes this time around, but this series is seriously fascinating. There's another episode next Wednesday, and I think it's the last, which is a shame.

Dad needs to take the family computer into the computer shop, too. Which sucks, because that's the one I use for the internet. But we should also be able to use that microphone when it's been fixed up, so Jen should be happy <g>

Molly has had me listening to Eva Cassidy ever since I read her latest Wolverine/Rogue fic. Evil, I tell you, evil!

Oh! Keep forgetting to say, to rub it into the USA residents I've gotten addicted to Tim Tams. Because according to the paper over here yesterday, Arnotts is selling them in the UK now. But not the USA.

From The Herald Sun on the 14th May:

Arnott's sucks up to the Brits

Arnott's is hoping to capture the expat market in London with the launch of Tim Tams there.

The chocolate biscuit will be sold by supermarket chain Tesco for $3.20 a packet (Smurfy note: Australian dollars, people). Arnott's is hoping to sell up to 2.5 million packets in the first year.

More than 30 million packs are sold in Australia every year.

"They've been in the stores for three weeks now and the figures are starting to look really good," marketing consultant Dan Koziol said.

Tim Tams became popular in England after Natalie Imbruglia demonstrated the Tim Tam suck in 2001 on television.

That involves biting off opposite corners of a Tim Tam, sticking a corner into a cuppa and sucking through the biscuit.

I'm a little worried about the new Matrix film. I was reading a review that described Neo in the new film as a mix of "Jesus Christ, the Dalai Lama and Jet Li". Okay, define a Mary Sue... he's able to fly, and it's just... we saw at the end of the first Matrix film that he can control it all, and... I'm terrified they'll have turned him into the definitive Mary Sue.

:: Smurfette blogged for peace @ 1:34 PM [x] ::

l Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Well, I broke a promise to myself last night.

I turned my computer on. And it was still as sick as ever.

I've booked it into the computer shop, hopefully for tomorrow. But I don't know how long it will take or anything, so... there's a part of me that's still hesitant. I'm pretty sure it's just the fan, and therefore more than fixable, but... I don't want them to say, "sorry, we can't fix it, we wiped the harddrive..."

Of course, it's not like it's terribly workable at the moment anyway. I could only use it for an hour or so last night (and then cursed myself because I meant to call Cat and time ran away from me... I only meant to use it for half that time).

However, I got some of the pictures I wanted to experiment with for the icon Jennem wants (and I've now found some text for them!! Just need to get on that computer again for the fonts <g>), I made one for Luc that she seems to love (to my immense relief), and I've made a number of Rogue icons using lyrics to Dido's Honestly Okay.

I was talking to Diana the other night about how I wanted to add lyrics to a lovely icon I've got from X-2 Icons... it's one of Rogue at the train-station from the first film, just as Cerebro finds her, which the maker added some nice painted effects to. But I dislike using plain icons... I like to have some form of text on them.

The problem is, whenever I looked at it I saw loneliness and couldn't get The Whitlams out of my head. "There's no aphrodisiac like loneliness..." The loneliness part was fine, although I thought that the aphrodisiac part might have been less fitting.

Then we both thought of Honestly Okay at the same time. And the more I thought of it and the lines Dido uses about how she just wants "to be safe in [her] own skin", the more it fits Rogue.

The thing is, I'm only using bases made by other people, which is bugging me a lot. I really need to find pics that aren't from Wolverine and Rogue because they're slightly biased towards drooling over the claws, and not much else. Well, okay, the claws and the buckle <g> But I'm more biased towards Rogue because the character (both comicsverse and movieverse) intrigues me with her unlimited opportunities for angst. So that's something I need to find.

I've got a sick father. A sick, headachy, grumpy father who still has to keep working, leaving the rest of us to tip-toe around the house and try not to do anything to aggravate his headache and try to make his life easier. I have a motto when either one of my parents are sick, because both of them become short-fused (shorter-fused?): Don't. Do. Anything.

Don't leave your room. Don't try to talk. Just leave them be, and don't annoy them. Trying to help makes things worse, and it's just easier to stay out of their way.

Thus far it's working.

We've got a police van hiding out the front of my house... I guess the FBI have been following more than I thought!! :p

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l Monday, May 12, 2003
I'm sitting here, chatting to Leelee as Counting Crows play from the computer's speakers, and wiping away my final tears as I finish reading Yseult's The Snowstorm.

I swear, that fic is so The Sixth Sense of BtVS fandom. The first time I read it, it knocked me a mile, and it's the same with every re-reading. I'm expecting it then, but God... I keep hoping it will change, and it doesn't, and it just... sigh.

I loves my angst, I does.

Last night was Australian TV's "night of nights", the TV Week Logie Awards.

Naturally, I didn't watch.

Okay, so I watched it from about 10.30pm. But Gods and Monsters was on ABC, and channel 10 had three Law and Order episodes running... all repeats, but I loves my Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Plus, Ian McKellon and Brendon Fraser in the one film? Guh! Like I would take Eddie over them <scoffs>

In Sunday's paper, the liftout magazine had a thing on Australians behind-the-scenes in Hollywood. They had a little bit on Tim Shepheard, and the following:

"He's in demand because: Working on TV's Farscape, a pricey, futuristic local flop that did well overseas, Shepheard invented suits for bounty hunters Ooni and Skreeth..."

"Local flop"? I thought of the 'Scapers out there, and ducked for the writer.

:: Smurfette blogged for peace @ 6:04 PM [x] ::

l Sunday, May 11, 2003
Gotta love the Aussie TV networks.

At the end of last night's episode of Smallville (Redux) when showing the clips for Linage, the voice-over said, "next week in the season finale of Smallville..."

Yes. Because there was only seven episodes in the second season <rolls eyes>

And they're taking it off before I see Visage, Rush or Prodigal. Channel nine is just plain mean <pouts>

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l Saturday, May 10, 2003
Damn my computer for being about to blow up!

I'm not turning it on until I get it fixed, because it's actually scaring me with the noises it's making... but I so want to make icons!! I can make bases on this one (and have just made two groovy Dave Hughs dressed up for interviews on The Glass House to go with my icon of him during the Jessica Lynch "interview"), but all my fonts are on the other computer and I've been threatened with death if I get them on the parents computer.

I've finally thought of some sweet text for Luc for her hopeful B/A icon (and am going to use those promo photos for Chosen), I've got an icon all planned for Jennem, and several others in my head.

I want to make a "My fandom does it with more flair than Dallas" for the AtS season finale, I want to get moving on the Beth Orton songset to end all songsets, and a couple of Spuffy vs B/A icons from Touched (the nap vs The Prom and "I've been sure of one thing in 100 years" vs "In 240 years I've loved one person").

I will resist. I will resist. I will resist.

H is watching X-Men 1.5 next to me... will resist, will resist. And Mum wants the computer to do the church notice sheet soon.

I'll leave this with a quote from the leader of the free world.

"It will take time to restore chaos." -- George W. Bush

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l Friday, May 09, 2003
Well, today was One Of Those Days.

1. I slept in.
2. My computer sounds like either it's about to explode, or is ready to go into orbit. Or both.
3. My watch stopped.
4. I forgot to take any writing paper into town with me.
5. My father has decided to blame the sleep-in thing on the fact that I was on the computer "until all hours". I was in bed by midnight; to me, that is not "all hours".
6. My afternoon bus didn't come
7. making it so that yet again, I missed chatting to everyone.
8. They'd sold the last English Toffee Muffin just before I got into the café.
9. When I finally got home and on the computer, an electrical storm hit and the power started flashing, so I had to shut everything down just as Kendra IM'd me -- Ken, if you read this, I wasn't being a snob, but shutting the computer down.
10. Despite being stuck in town for longer than ever, it was raining and so I had to find somewhere to sit inside.

So I really need to find 10 things about the day that can cheer me up.

1. I didn't need the stuff I forgot after all, and I was actually complimented on how organised I was. Uh... what the?
2. I spent lots of time listening to Counting Crows, Sarah McLachlan and Ani DiFranco. And trying not to sing along... how annoying is it when people sing along with their diskman/walkman/whatever??
3. I had some retail therapy at Sussan happening. Two very nice tops; one for everyday wear, and one to wear to Lizzie's 21st.
4. The Glass House is on tonight :) :)
5. I know the kick that Emily will get from the APRA Song of the Year nominations (and probably from the Most Performed Australian Work ones, too).
6. Those icons turning Let Me Rest In Peace into a B/A song.
7. The Glass House is on tonight.
8. I can talk to Copper tomorrow!!
9. The Glass House is on tonight.
10. The Glass House is on tonight.

:: Smurfette blogged for peace @ 10:17 PM [x] ::

l Thursday, May 08, 2003
I had a doctors appointment today.

Because she's telling me that I need to change my thought patterns and speech patterns to develop an optimistic side, I thought I'd make a list of the top ten reasons today rocked. These aren't necessarily in order of most-rocking moments to least-rocking moments, just ten reasons it rocked in general. Especially given my lack-of-chat-time with my friends in the USA and Canada would normally make this a rather suckey day, so... focusing on the positives.

Top Ten Good Things from Today

1. The Ani DiFranco CD I ordered and paid for back on April 1st finally came in. And since I only paid $1 for it today, it was like a fantastic present to myself. It almost felt like I got it for free! <g> We'll just ignore the fact that a lot of the songs on Little Plastic Castle sent me off into BtVS rantage, okay... (Glass House anyone?)

2. I found the Reality Bites soundtrack for only $14.95. If this is expensive in your money in whatever country you're reading this, let me just say that here in Australia? That's dirt-cheap for CDs. They don't get much cheaper. So I have Lisa Loeb, U2, Crowded House, and other fun stuff from when I was 12!!

3. Those B/A kissage pics. Okay, so I first saw them last night, but they still make me happier than I thought they would, okay?? I guess there's still some trace of a non-bitter me inside.

4. I got to go into the local aromatherapy shop. So it wasn't shopping for me... I still got to drool over all the lemongrass products they have there. My normal scents are mango, peach and vanilla, but I love lemongrass, too.

5. They had Sylvia Plath's Collected Poems at the library. They were meant to have Winter Trees on-shelf as well, but that appeared to have gone missing... as someone who's worked in libraries, let me just say that happens. Still majorly happy that the Collected Poems were there -- I think that's where that $50 book vouchers I've still got from my 21st will be going (note to people who give vouchers for presents: make sure there's a shop in question within 300km of the person you're giving it to, please). As an added book squee that made up for the missing one? I managed to find A Choice of Emily Dickinson's Verse (I have Selected Poems but it's nice to have it in a smaller volume for travel purposes) and The Call Of The Wild (which will be much more interesting for BtVS fans) for $7.75 total at my favourite second-hand book shop.

6. Emily's new domain and layout there are giving me happies. Go us pro-Buffy girls!! Plus, Kasey and Not Pretty Eough? Can never fail to inspire me. That song was written for Buffy, I swear (and nobody tell me the story with how it's about her not getting radio air-play, okay?).

7. People on Buffy Icons like my rant-icon. Plus, some people even took some of my Mercy songset!! Leelee didn't need to guard it with her life after all <g>

8. Not only did I get to re-read Molly's X2 fic (dedicated to me!! Squeeee!!), but Reg wrote Logan!Fic!!

9. They had fresh English Toffee muffins at my favourite coffee shop. I live in the area with the highest number of eateries/cafés per head in the country, but there's a limit on the number of places that can make a decent latté. This shop is one of them, and I love their muffins. And they make fabulous date/fig cakes, too, when they're out.

10. I got to sit in the middle of the highway. Where the Princess Highway comes through town, there are big, green gardens in the middle, separating the two sides. There are trees, and benches, and it's just nice to sit there in the sun. I sat there for a couple of hours today, under the trees, reading Sylvia, writing, and listening to Something for Kate, Tori and Ani. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

Okay. I'm about to post 12 LJ icons from the B/A photos released yesterday, but firstly...

Why these icons:

Okay. Here's my famous pessimistic side coming out.

These pictures have made me squeee and I didn't realise how much I was counting on them. How much I was depending on seeing B/A reaffirmed in some way like this.

However. It isn't all about B/A for me, and I'll be rather... shall I say... upset if they go riding off into the moonlight together, however unlikely that is. I'll be even more upset if it's Spuffy who wind up together, but for it to just end B/A... as much as my 'shipper heart adores the idea, it's unrealistic that they'll just fall into each other's arms for a "happily ever after".

There's a big essay on the nature of fandom coming up as soon as I organise my thoughts that will go into that in more detail.

There's a part of me who'd love it if the final episode was an hour dedicated to B/A smoochies. But that isn't going to happen. What I do want to see is a storyline that's fitting to this series. A storyline that wraps up at least part of Buffy's story. We've known for two years this was coming; we knew that Sarah was never going to sign for an eighth year. This isn't Friends. She wasn't going to make a fuss and then sign on for more extraordinary amounts of money. Everyone knew and was expecting this.

Surely they'll have come up with some big way to make this series have the level of impact on it's departure that it deserves.

I've been focusing so much on the "it's going to have B/A! it's going to have B/A!" and the God-awfulness that was Empty Places to know much about the finale. And I haven't watched the series since The Gift because a part of me knows that it's not going to go out with the impact and level of closure I found in that episode.

But it needs to. Despite my issues with the Scooby Gang, it needs to go out with a bang and not a whimper. It needs to go out with the group as a cohesive whole. It needs to go out with the style it had so much of before it jumped the shark so badly.

So that's what these icons are about. They're saying yay... the past is recognised and we get affirmation. But don't make that the only highlight of the episode.

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l Wednesday, May 07, 2003
I think my watch is working on making me spend as much money on it as possible.

I had to replace the watch-band a month or so ago, and now it seems to be losing time... or it was yesterday, it's keeping it again now. But as I don't cope without my watch around my wrist, even walking around the house, I may have to get the batteries replaced anyway.

Tonight, I'm planning on indulging my penchant for Hollywood Trash. There's the first of a three-part BBC-made documentary called Hollywood, Inc. screening on the ABC, and I'm going to sit down with the popcorn and watch the fur fly.

Bryan Singer talks about being ostracised in Hollywood and the stress of making X-Men, all the script-writers from Gladiator come on and talk about Russell Crowe (described as "difficult") and his script demands, they bitch out on Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey... it's trashy and I'm going to indulge.

I've finally managed to transfer all of my LJ icons to a new site, e=mc2. This also has those Arnotts icons (or at least what I've done thus far, I'm planning more, but I think that 55 thus far is a pretty good effort).

Just posted to Buffy icons with my other version of my Empty Places rant-icon and my Mercy songset. Meant to last night, but ran out of time.

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l Tuesday, May 06, 2003
I'm a Every Six Seconds, checking for a S&L update (there wasn't, for the record), and Dad says (as he sees the B/A layout from the dinner table), "do you think people are ever going to get over the fact Buffy and Angel are no longer together?"

Well, I bit my tongue, coz this question? So not the one to be asking me. And I comment that Angel's going to be guest-starring on the last episode of BtVS, despite not being in any season at all since season 5 (sorry if this is a spoiler to anyone, it's the only thing referring to the end that I know anyway so it's safe to continue reading).

Mum comments, in response to this, that Cordelia won't be happy. So I start with the Cordelia/Connor sex/pregnancy thing. Mum asks who Connor is, so I start on that and talk about how their child is full-grown (is that right? Or am I misunderstanding what's happened in the episodes) and how there's this incest-subtexty thing between Connor and his daughter... and Mum's just looking at me in disbelief.

"That's Days of Our Lives stuff!" she exclaims. "That's what they do on Days of Our Lives... they have a child one season and it's fully grown the next and the parents are the same age."

I think I've freaked my parents out a little. But hey, they asked if I'd ever "get over it" and I didn't hit the roof, so that's a good thing, right..?

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l Monday, May 05, 2003
Everyone has to head on over to Miss Windy's place and read her post, An X-Men Canon Primer, or, Miss Windy Gets All Xmen-Dorktastic On Y'all. Because as someone who has only vague knowledge of the comic canon, and a little of the cartoon stuff, it's essential and incredibly fascinating.

Will have to wait another fortnight before I'll be seeing X2. I want a decent cinema screen, and will be in Melbourne for Lizzie's 21st then, so... will have a geek-bliss weekend because Matrix will have just opened, too, so I'll have a double-header for myself.

My connection doesn't like me today.

Next time I have the HTML pretty perfect on a page, but decide to play around some more to see what I can do to make it better?

Please stop me.

I beg you, hit me, do something to say "ARE YOU INSANE???" because you know I'll completely stuff it up and I won't have any idea what I did that managed to ruin it all, but ruin it all I will and I won't be able to go back to how it was.

Thank God I uploaded the almost perfect version and can go back to that one.

I'm going to just leave this with a line cut from the first X-Men film, when Logan and Marie (Wolverine and Rogue) are on the train. Just before it, there was a line that Logan has about how he'd show Marie the scars from all the times he'd tried to kill himself, but that they fade. Unfortunately, I can't get the exact wording of that line.

"But when you touched me last night, you know I felt... for one brief second, I felt death. And I realised I... I didn't like it. And I wanted to thank you for that."

If there was one scene from that film I'd love to see the dallies of, I think that one would win out even over the sight of all the actors falling on their face (and Hugh's pants tearing) as they try to hop over that wall to get to the Statue of Liberty.

It's a close call, but the train scene still wins.

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l Saturday, May 03, 2003
Pan Pharmaceuticals have now recalled an anti-depressant.

Until now, all that's been recalled have been vitamins etc (we've got sickness going through the house -- I won't breathe on anyone -- and no one's game to take a vitamin C), no prescription medicines. So it's causing me a slight freak-out, especially given the anti-depressant factor.

It's not Efexor, which is what I take, it's only a small shipment and it's only in NSW and Queensland, but at the same time... it's a prescription medicine, and it's an anti-depressant. Not making me terribly happy, it isn't.

I've coded most of what I need to start moving to my new sub-domain (smooches to Lady D), and I've pretty much given up on .php for the time being. Confusion, thy name is .php.

I just need to figure out how to install Greymatter and what coding is needed there, and transfer the LJ icons over to the domain, and we're a go! Yayness.

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l Thursday, May 01, 2003
Mucho pimpage to Diana who'll be hosting me soon enough!!

Yes, that's right, I'll be moving the blog and the icons etc (at least, I think the icons etc will be coming with me and no longer forming a separate site... it depends on how much space they take up -- yes, D, it does) as soon as I come up with a name (for the hosting), figure out Greymatter and learn php. So I may still be here for months yet...

Been on an icon-making kick. Will be changing the background for the subject of my recent GIP to a cap from the actual episode causing the rantage, and have a number of other plain and not-so-plain icons... may also have to make some Sark icons for my future host :) I'm sure she'll complain.

But those icons will probably go with the move now. Who knows? But my online real-estate is On The Move.

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